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Top 5 Health Benefits of Eating Kaolin Clay

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Divergent star Shailene Woodley had made a buzz earlier this year by coming out as a clay eater as part of her detoxification diet. This might sound strange for some skeptics who might think people doing it are suffering from pica, an eating disorder that causes a person to persistently crave for non-food substances like dirt and chalk. But for Shailene and many other clay advocates, there are many health benefits from clay that have been overlooked. Should you be eating clay, too?

Clay has a long history of medicinal uses, this practice of eating it can be traced back to African countries, where large deposits of what is called Kaolin Clay can be found. The other name for Kaolin Clay is Calabar Chalk. Today, the practice has spread across continents, including many parts of the U.S, Indonesia, Sweden, and Australia.

Although there is no conclusive agreement in the health community on whether clay should be consumed, there must be something about this naturally occurring soil substance that is worthy of consideration. Below are the top five of the many health benefit claims of eating Kaolin Clay.

1. Kaolin Clay cleanses the body

Kaolin Clay has been traditionally used in the African countries in promoting internal cleansing. Whether it’s a simple constipation or a more serious gastrointestinal condition like irritable bowel syndrome, Kaolin Clay is consumed as a natural remedy. Today, many detoxification programs aren’t complete without Kaolin Clay. SShailene might be right in believing that clay can help clean heavy metals out of our bodies. Just like normal clays, it has been suggested that Kaolin Clay has this special ability to maintain its molecular integrity which means that it cannot be broken down and hence, the body cannot absorb it. As it passes through the body, it acts like a vacuum cleaner that carries toxins out.

Kaolin Clay is said to be effective in detoxifying the body due to its absorption capacity. It first draws them to its surface in the same way that a sticky paper attracts flies. It then absorbs the toxins just as a sponge mops up table mess. Kaolin Clay has only about 17 minerals. Chemistry subjects have taught us that the fewer minerals found in a clay, the higher is its potential to absorb other substances. Substances absorbed into the Kaolin Clay are then dispelled as a body waste.

Studies have shown that clay has the intrinsic capacity to fight dietary toxins such as aflatoxin, which is commonly found in peanuts, cooking oils and some grains. Too much of aflatoxins can damage the liver and may potentially cause certain cancers. Check out this link.

2. Kaolin Clay promotes probiotics

With toxins, heavy metals and other free radicals taken out from the gut, Kaolin Clay helps to promote good bacteria and reduces a number of bad bacteria, thanks to its inherent antibacterial properties.

Kaolin Clay has been shown up to combat an overgrowth of Candida in the intestinal tract. Candida is a yeast-like bacteria that naturally thrives in the intestines. It doesn’t harm the body when there is a balanced terrain. An overpopulation of this organism for a long period of time, however, can cause it to mutate into fungi. This will not be fun if it happens to you as fungi have a greater capacity to take root in the intestine walls. Just imagine how bad it becomes when the weeds take over a garden.

3. Kaolin Clay strengthens immunity

As part of its role as an intestinal cleanser, Kaolin Clay prevents the body from experiencing malabsorption of nutrients. A greater nutrient assimilation essentially means stronger immune systems. The body is able to absorb all the nutrients it needs to fight infections and diseases.

Aside from killing bacteria and viruses, Kaolin Clay also improves the body’s immune system by strengthening the gut wall and preventing toxins to leach into the bloodstream. By improving the condition of your gut, you’re also improving your overall health. You may not be aware of it, but your gut is connected to almost all body functions such as weight, digestion, sensory, and more.

4. Kaolin Clay alkalizes the body.

Kaolin Clay has a high alkaline content and powerful antioxidants that can help bring the PH level of the body to a more optimal balance.

Much of the food we take today are causing an acidic reaction in our body that alters desired PH levels. It follows that the less healthy your diet is, the more acidic your body becomes. This is because the stomach is forced to do extra work just to produce strong acids to break down these foods. To balance things out, you need a more alkaline intake. Enzymes that are mainly composed of alkaline is necessary for proper digestion

5. Kaolin Clay boosts energy

Do you always feel tired or sluggish? Kaolin Clay is said to have an energy-boosting capability owed to its inert properties as a group of supercharged minerals. When mixed with water, Kaolin Clay gains strength and essentially energizes the body when consumed. It is thus recommended that adding Kaolin Clay to a diet can help you feel more energized as it allows more oxygen to enter the body. It does so by pulling excess hydrogen out of the cells and thereby leaving room for oxygen to take its place. An improved oxygen level also means improved body’s capacity to recover from sickness and hard workouts.

The five benefits discussed above can alone result into increased levels of energy in as little as one to three days. It can be summed up in three steps. First, Kaolin Clay absorbs toxins in the body and expels them out of the body. Secondly, it revitalizes the body cells through balanced pH levels and more nutrients and oxygen intake. Lastly, Kaolin Clay acts as a catalyst for faster conversion of food into a usable energy. 

Based on numerous research, the findings are first, kaolin clay absorbs toxins in the body and expels them out of the body. Secondly, it revitalizes the body cells through balanced pH levels and more nutrients and oxygen intake. Lastly, kaolin clay acts as a catalyst for faster conversion of food into a usable energy. 

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